From oak beams to framing, take a look at some of the services we provide

Air-Dried Oak Beams

Oak Beams

From Green fresh oak, to air dried seasoned, and even older reclaimed oak - Our speciality is the supply of oak beams. We are able to cut and finish to preference. See our Oak Beams page.

Oak Shelves and Joinery

Oak Shelves and Joinery

Rustic or contemporary oak shelves. We are also able to supply prime quality oak sawn to size, or machined to specification. Feel free to call us with any enquiries.

Oak Framing

Oak Framing & Design

Whether you are looking for an oak porch, a full car port or even an extension, we are able to offer a full design and fabrication package. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Oak beam casings

Oak Beam Casings

If you have something that needs covering and like the look of an oak beam, we are able to supply oak beam casings. Our beams are hollowed out completely, giving the affect of a solid oak beam.

Oak Fireplace Beams

Oak Fireplace Beams & Mantels

Solid oak fireplace beams from air-dried oak or older reclaimed oak. Both styles are suitable due to their stability and we have a vast range of finishes. See Fireplace beams page for more information.

Treating oak

Full Treatment and Finishing Service

Oak is beautiful and resilient, but it still needs protection. We offer a full anti infestation treatment with all of our products, along with a full sanding - waxing and finishing service.

Please use the contact tab if you have any questions or enquiries.