Oak king post truss kit. No struts

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Oak king post truss kit. No struts

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Traditionally oak framed king posts trusses, supplied in a kit form with oak dowels.

Our oak trusses are beautifully hand made using traditional oak framing methods. We use semi seasoned air dried oak to reduce movement meaning they are perfect for internal or external use. The oak comes with a sanded finish and is fully treated against rot and infestation.

To choose your oak truss, you will need to select the options given, all sizes in meters and millimetres:

  • Tie beam length (the total length of the truss)

  • Tie beam dimension. (how high and thick you require the tie beam)

  • Pitch (the angle of the truss itself. The height will be dictated by this)

  • King posts dimensions (the thickness of the upright beam in the middle)

  • Rafter dimensions (How high and thick you want the rafters)

  • All trusses come with a 150mm wall return

  • Check the drawings to the left to show the information required

  • If you require a different specification or dimension to what is shown then please fell free to contact us

Our trusses can be used just for show or for structural purposes, however if they are structural please make sure you have checked with a structural engineer that the section sizes of the oak are suitable for the work required.

Trusses are made to order so please allow at least 1 week for delivery

Cost includes VAT. Delivery will be calculated on the weight of the order.

Tie beam length:
Tie beam dimensions:
King post dimesnions:
Rafter dimensions:
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