Online store now brimming with products! Buy oak beams online!

We are very proud with the amount of high end products now in our online shop.

This stunning oak table is one of the many new items in our store

This stunning oak table is one of the many new items in our store

From oak beams to tables, benches to shelves, surrounds to door stops, we now have a huge selection of great deals in our online store.

Our philosophy at Oakfield Beams is that oak is such a beautiful product...... lets make as many things as we can from it!

We started making fireplace beams and shelving, but that got us thinking about more quirky item, Like door stops or benches.

Beautiful and functional. These door stops are great

Beautiful and functional. These door stops are great

These benches would make a great feature in any room!!

These benches would make a great feature in any room!!

We made some prototypes and showed them to people, and they loved them! So we can now offer them on our shop at a great value.

These lovely oak corbels can be sold seperately or bought with an oak mantel

These lovely oak corbels can be sold seperately or bought with an oak mantel

We have such a great stock of everything from oak beams to oak tables on our shop that you really must have a look. All items are hand made and incredibly well priced.

If there is something you like the look of but its not quite the right size or you are interested in changing something then feel free to contact us.

Bespoke sawing service available

Oakfield Beams & Framing have just taken delivery of our new sawmill from woodland mills. This means we are now able to saw larger section oak beams along their length to truly give a bespoke service.

Large band sawmill

The saw now gives us the ability to be able to cut as little as 2mm sections from oak beams that are up to 5m long, greatly improving accuracy when supplying bespoke orders. The cut is smooth and accurate meaning you are able to give us very precise dimensions when ordering your beams.

Oak beam being re sized
Oak shelves being cut, prepared and waxed

The sawmill is also exceptional for cutting oak shelves to exact sizes. Perfect for fitting in alcoves or next to fireplaces. Here you see the beam being sawn to size, the shelves are then sanded, treated and waxed. We have a medium oak wax mixed with a clear to give the beautiful colour.






So if you are looking for anything from a large oak beam, a set of shelves to a smaller mantel, but were concerned that you had a specific dimension to stick to then don't hesitate to get in touch.

New stock of Oak Beams just in

Oakfield Beams & Framing have just taken delivery of a sizeable supply of air dried and rustic oak beams to our yard in Horsham.

Oak Beam delivery

We have selected sizes of oak beams perfect for anything from a fireplace mantel, to a set of large tie beams. All our air dried oak is available sawn to size and finished to bespoke requirement.

Stacked air dried oak beams

We have available a large variation of sizes from 2.0m - 5.5m in lengths, 100mm to 350mm section sizes. Our stock varies in age from 4 years air drying to 10 years. The older the beams, the more rustic they are - having beautiful character and a darker hue when sanded. These beams are incredibly stable, perfect for indoor use.

All our beams are available with a selection of finishes - we are able to sand the beams, soften the corners, offer a full treatment and waxing service and even hollow the beams to cover steel beams, pipes and cables. 

We also offer a full delivery service on all beams from a single section to full lorry load.

If you have any questions about any of our stock, options or finishes please contact us by using the tag below.

A brief introduction to Oak Framing

Oak framing has been used for centuries and is typically the method of creating structures using heavy squared off oak beams with detailed jointed ends. Fitted together with nothing more than oak dowels or pegs.

If you have any wooden furniture in your home then take a look at some of the connection details. Oak framing is just the same, but on a larger scale  

The method of getting square beams from oak trees has changed over the years, but the principal is very similar. The trees are selected for their straightness and checked for faults then they are cut. Nowadays, we have very large machinery with laser guiding technology to cut the beams, but hundreds of years ago it was all done by eye... and hand tools!

Traditional jointing methods remain the same, though the tooling has changed slightly. What hasn't changed over the years is the craftsmanship. Some of the joint names such as mortise and tenon, scarf joint and dovetail are exactly the same as they were hundreds..... no THOUSANDS of years ago. Some of the oldest examples of framing can date back to 80AD. Some of the earliest known timber houses in Europe have been found in Great Britain, dating to Neolithic times.

The joints are cut and placed together, the holes are then drilled for the oak pegs. Once the whole frame is erected and pegged, it will then settle as the oak dries out. A lot of the joints were originally designed so that when the oak is drying and the frame is settling, the joints will actually pull tighter, strengthening the construction.

We hope you have enjoyed our introduction into oak framing and how long its been used. As you see, the tradition with oak framing and the use of oak beams in construction is still alive and really hasn't changed much at all. The oak tree is still one of the most beautiful species, and it happens to produce a wonderful building material. 

You have to be interested in something to really appreciate it, and we love oak and working with it!